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Convenient Internet Paging!

In our never-ending search for ways to give you better service, we have two ways of sending a page over the Internet (I-Page and E-Page), and a way of paging you when you get your regular Internet E-mail (E-Notify).

With I-Page and E-Page, at last you don't need special software to send an alpha page. And you can be reached easily from anywhere in the world, without paying for a long-distance phone call.

With E-Notify, you don't have to be tied to your computer to know when you get mail.

I-Page This free service allows you to page any Stenocall pager from our web site.  Available to all Stenocall pagers--no signup needed.  Click link at left.
E-Page This free service gives your Stenocall pager an Internet E-Mail address.  Your E-Mail address is your Stenocall local pager number (7 digits only -- no dashes, no area code) "at" epage.lrps.com ( ). If you have an 800 number, ask our office for the local 7-digit number that corresponds to it. Available to all Stenocall pagers--no signup needed. To use, just send mail.
E-Notify This billed service checks your regular E-Mail address provided by your Internet Service Provider* (e.g., ) and notifies your Stenocall pager that you have a new E-Mail message. Check out our 30-day free trial!

*Some Internet Service Providers do not allow this service to access their systems. More details.


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